Karina, 27
Ukraine, Vinnitsa
ID 102463
Come into my life
呎/公分 171
眼晴顏色 咖啡色
磅/公斤 56



I will try to draw a picture of my inner world with the help of words now. So, you can see a girl with a deep and innocent soul and calm character. The thing that I don’t like most of all is sitting at the same place and doing and learning nothing. From the early childhood I have a great thirst for exploring new things and ideas, getting to know this world and life better. When I am interested in something, I study that by myself, spending long hours and my force for that. I never leave the things I have started without leading them to the end. I am a creative person and I am creative in all sides of my life. I like to put my love and soul in everything what I do: cooking, doing my work, talking with people etc. I can say that the secret of my positive and good mood is my smile and my wish to make people at least a little bit happier!